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Annie Barry Teaches A 2 Day Workshop In The Harold!

The two day Harold workshop will focus on giving gifts, strong choices,  emotional connection, character-based games, utilizing environment to create rich scene work that players can organically discover game moves within. We also will explore eight different types of group game.  We will also practice different styles and types of openings. This workshop is open to students that have a basic understanding of improvisational concepts as well as advanced Harold performers. The workshop will culminate in a showcase on Sunday.


Annie Barry is an improviser that has been performing and teaching for nine years. She started her training at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre in New York City. She studied under Will Hines, Christian Capozzoli, Chelsea Clark, Erik Tanoye, Jordan Klepper, Chris Gethard, Michael Delaney, Shaun Diston, Brandon Gardener, and Kevin Hines. After completing the curriculum at UCB, Annie was  placed on the Lloyd team Graceland. Graceland was the first team to be promoted from the Lloyd system to the Harold system as a complete entity. Annie was also a cast member on the Take it Personal hip-hop improv show at UCB east. 

Along with Graceland and their coach Sean Diston they created a new Harold opening entitled mob mentality which is a combination of flocking and pattern game. 

After moving to Washington DC Annie became a faculty member at the Washington Improv Theater. She has taught every level in the curriculum as well as workshops focusing on game of the scene, environment, and gift giving. she is also a coach for the Harold team Diviligio. Currently she performs on the Weekend ensemble Nox! As well as the indie powerhouse NIXON. 

Dates: November 11 & November 12: 11:00am-4:00pm

Early Bird Gets The Worm (Ends October 28): $100


Early Bird Registration (Before November 4): $125


Registration: $150