Private Events, Dance Recitals, Fashion Shows, DJ sets, Band Performances, Gallery Showings... the possibilities are endless.

Mobile Fixtures, Professional Lights, Sound, Stage, and Multimedia Capabilities.

We built a theater. You can rent it!

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Active Listening Workshops

We’re proud to offer workshops geared towards motivated professionals, regardless of improv experience

Using improv to enhance communication skills as an individual and as a group, our instructors are skilled improvisors and veteran instructors.

Simply by learning how to "Yes, and..", improv has been proven to improve teamwork and morale, and increase positive communication both internally and externally.

We’re available to host the workshop at our theater, or we can travel to your workplace.

Add an improv show by our main stage ensemble at the end of the workshop.

For more information, contact us:

(510) 761-7279