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Operavised: An Improvised Musical

Operavised! are classically-trained singers/improvisers, performing long-form, fully-sung, improvised musicals in different styles, based on audience-suggestions, the whims of our accompanist, and each other's offers. 

Why Operavised? "Opera" means different things to different people, but to us, it's musical-theater with the emphasis on the music. We avoid spoken dialog, instead using the traditional recitative/aria format, where the recit moves the story along and the catchy, melodic, arias highlight our characters' emotions. We learned this format by studying the classics: from Mozart to Puccini to Sondheim to Rent. We don't know which genre we'll sing until we're singing it, but once we start singing, we know we're at our best.


Our current cast features Rebecca Castelli, Michael Fleming, and Liz Garfinkle, along with guest singer/improvisers.  You can see our shows with guests, Laura Hall (Whose Line Is it Anyway) and Lisa Rowland (BATS), on our Youtube channel, here.  We're excited to have Joshua "Raul" Brody as our accompanist for our All Out Comedy Shows!  

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