Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes is stoked to be slinging some tasty improvisation at the All-Out Comedy Theater in luxurious Downtown Oakland. His extensive background in musical theater will shine through his performances (especially when he's doing his impression of famed Opera singer, Andrea Bocceli). When not turning heads with his devilishly good looks, you might find Chris tossin' discs out in the Dub C (that's code for playing Disc Golf in Walnut Creek). On a side note, have you ever wondered what it would be like if ducks were higher up on the evolutionary chain? Chris wonders. Speaking of ducks, Chris hosts his own comedy show called What the Duck?! at Drake's Dealership every third Wednesday of the month! So check that out and check out this crazy spelling of the word FURENSIX (that's not the correct spelling! Chris, you're crazy). Enjoy the show!!