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The Internet: Live!


The Internet eats everything! Even live theater.

Come see a handful of improvisational comedians wrestle with the disembodied and impossible-to-please ghost in the machine. It’s the only show in town where you, your friend, and anonymous trolls in the audience can affect the show in real time from a phone app: the scenes and sketches couldn’t be any more “Live”! Come and co-create the seamless cyborg integration of human and machine or a dystopian trainwreck as the actors try to get there. The future is here and anything could happen!


Technical Specification

License: Open Source (MIT License)
GitHub repository: .../katherineahern/improv_tech
Developed by: Improvisational Technology in partnership with All Out Comedy Theater
Last stable release: define “stable” ...
Beta: April 29 2018
Release date: July 22 2018
Written in: ReactJS, Node JS, MongoDB, WebSockets & Comic Sans