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Rick & Laura Hall Advanced Musical Improv Workshop and Performance


Have you always wanted to improvise songs like we do on “Whose Line is it Anyway”?

If you're already an experienced improvisor, then the Advanced Workshop is for you, even if you haven't done song improv before. We'll work on song improv as a natural extension of your existing improv skills. We'll focus on creating a strong “who” and “where” for your songs, we'll look at musical form and structure, advanced harmonies and more. All in a positive setting where you can explore, stretch out of your comfort zone, and have fun.

The workshop includes a jam that same night to bring your skills to the stage.

Beyond the basics we cover in the Beginning Workshop, we'll also address:

  1. Integrating music into longer forms: Musicals, Harold, Armando, etc.

  2. Advanced ensemble singing: Counter melodies, call & response, duets, trios and

    big cast numbers, advanced harmony

  3. The difference between being a lead singer and a background singer

  4. Song structure and some musical theory (and why it’s important)

  5. Working with different musical styles and genres

  6. Movement: improvising group choreography

  7. Digging deep into location and character work to bring your songs to life.


Workshop: May 19, 3:00pm-6:00pm

Jam Performance: May 19, 8:00pm-9:15pm