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Rick and Laura Beginners Musical Improv Workshop


Laura Hall, (Musical Director, “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, The Second City Chicago) and her husband, Rick Hall, (actor, musician, “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, The Second City Chicago) present two levels of Music Improv Workshops.

Have you always wanted to improvise songs like we do on “Whose Line is it Anyway”? Then one of our workshops will be perfect for you.

If you're new to improv in general and you also want to see what song improv is about, our Beginning Workshop is perfect for you. We create a supportive, fun environment, starting with games and warmups to ease into singing. You'll build vocal confidence and learn to listen to each other and the accompaniment. You'll learn about creating characters and stories through song. Before you know it, you'll be belting out your own great improvised songs!

If you're already an experienced improvisor, then the Advanced Workshop is for you, even if you haven't done song improv before. We'll work on song improv as a natural extension of your existing improv skills. We'll focus on creating a strong “who” and “where” for your songs, we'll look at musical form and structure, advanced harmonies and more. All in a positive setting where you can explore, stretch out of your comfort zone, and have fun.

Beginning Music Improv:

  1. Warming up and why it’s important; the care and use of your voice

  2. Building vocal confidence: exploring melody, rhythm, discovering your natural

    voice, ways to help if you’re not a confident singer

  3. Finding your own way of approaching a musical accompaniment, and your own

    take on the subject matter

  4. Music improv as a natural extension of scenic work: exploring character, location,

    story, etc. to create rich and interesting songs

  5. Ensemble singing: Listening, watching, taking turns, coming to a chorus, intro to

    harmony singing

  6. Homework you can do on your own and with a group